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What Do We Do About Racist Machines?

We will never rid ourselves of all our biases overnight. But we can pass on a legacy in AI that is sufficiently aware of the past to foster a more jus

IT's Pandemic Year: Lessons Learned for the Year Ahead

CIOs and IT organizations rose to meet tremendous challenges driven by a 100-year pandemic and how it has reshaped the world. Here are the lessons the

10 IT Trends to Watch for in 2021

Here's how the dramatic events of 2020 are likely to shape enterprise IT teams in the coming year, according to analysts from firms like Gartner, IDC,

Here's How IT Leaders Can Adapt to Stricter Data Privacy Laws

Whether we are prepared or not, there will be a global shift toward strict data privacy rules in the coming year.

10 Tech News Stories You May Have Missed This Year

Tech news never sleeps, but you may have missed (or forgotten about!) a major story or two this year because working at home can be really distracting

IT Leadership: 10 Ways the CIO Role Changed in 2020

The pandemic presented IT leaders with an incredibly disruptive set of circumstances. But those challenges also brought new opportunities.

10 Hot IT Job Skills for 2021

For the first time in decades, some IT titles are experiencing a salary decline -- so be sure you have these high-demand skills.

5 Chatbot Use Cases to Steal

Chatbots are the top use case of AI in the enterprise. If you are looking for a chatbot use case, here are five to consider.

Humanizing AI: How to Close the Trust Gap in Healthcare

To promote trust in artificial intelligence in healthcare, AI products and services must come from a deep understanding of user and patient needs and