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PayPal CEO Discusses Responsible Innovation at DC Fintech

Dan Schulman shared his perspectives on going beyond financial inclusivity and boosting financial health through technology.

How to Get Your Cloud Spending Under Control

Cloud spending is now a significant part of a company’s IT budget, yet nearly one-third of it goes to waste. Here are some strategies to help you op

DC Fintech Week Tackles Financial Inclusivity

Digital currency, startups, and other fintech resources could create more banking and lending opportunities for minorities.

IT’s Pivotal Role in Customer Service

Great customer service requires even greater IT -- and it’s time for IT leaders to assume a central role.

Gartner: Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users for 2022 and Beyond

Will bosses be eliminated? Will Africa become the new India? Will enterprises stop trying to collect so much consumer information? These are among the

Facebook’s Teachable Moment

Unexpected disruptions can happen to anyone -- your own company or the vendors whose services you use. Here are three things to learn from the latest

Should a Top IT Performer Be Allowed to Hold Multiple Organization Roles?

Versatility is an admirable trait in any IT team member. But what happens when a manager allows staffers to stretch their talents too far?

How CIOs Can Grow and Spend Political Capital to Achieve Executive Impact

Successful IT Leaders collect and spend political capital through three main sources: their position, borrowing it from others and their personal powe

Tech Vendors Target Enterprise ESG Reporting

Environmental, social, and governance reporting is growing in importance. Two big tech vendors recently announced new ESG solutions.