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Four Ways AI Can Augment Human Capabilities

By 2021, organizations worldwide will create nearly $3 trillion of business value via AI, Gartner says.

Outlook is Good for Health Care, Thanks to Big Data

Technology improvements in recent years are making it possible to overcome the decades of siloed, inaccessible, consumer data.

Digital Transformation Challenges IT Leaders

Tech disruption is uprooting traditional business practices while creating new responsibilities -- and opportunities -- for IT.

Why Affective Computing Systems Need Synthetic Emotion

Affective computing systems impact human emotions. They aren't necessarily able to recognize or respond to emotions well yet, but that will change.

Data-Driven Nudging: Cool or Uncool?

Many things in our modern world involve behavior modification. In fact, some organizations are setting up "nudge units," but why?

Changes in IT: From the Trenches to the Future

Learn how IT Leaders from Eversource Energy, Intel and Accenture Technology are looking at digital innovation - today and tomorrow.

Find Your New Job in IT Today

InformationWeek has partnered with ZipRecruiter to host a job search tool on our pages.

9 Steps Toward Ethical AI

Few current laws address the use of artificial intelligence. That puts companies under greater pressure to reassure the public that their AI applicati

10 Prime Industries for AI Applications

Artificial intelligence is already transforming several key markets -- and use of the technology is rapidly expanding.